Conference interpreter and professional translator in English, Spanish and Italian, with a vast experience acquired in many different settings across the world, although mostly in diplomatic interpreting.

Kudo Certified, now works remotely on diverse platforms.

Italian born, she was brought up in Latin America where her father worked as a project manager in United Nations agencies and where she attended schools in English and Spanish, graduating from The American School of Lima, Peru.

She achieved her university degree cum laude in English Language and Literature at La Sapienza University (Rome, Italy), and her interpretation and translation diplomas at Scuola Superiore Interpreti e Traduttori ( Rome, Italy). She attended various specialization courses alongside with an Interpreter Training Course at the university of Geneva, Switzerland.

Member of ATA (American Translators Association)

Member of IMIA (International Medical Interpreters Association)

Member of Critical Link International (Canada)

Former Member of AssoInterpreti (Italy) and AIIC, Association Internationale des Interprètes de Conference (Geneva)

She began her interpretation /translation career in Rome in the late 70s, working mainly for Italian governmental institutions escorting 7 Italian Presidents and 8 Prime Ministers, as well as the heads of ministries in Italy and on state visits abroad. She has translated at G6, G7, G8 and G12 Summits in Italy and abroad. Military and diplomatic settings include experiences at Nato, Ministries of Foreign Affairs, FAO and other United Nations agencies. Among the most important diplomatic opportunities worthy of mention are the State Visits of two Italian Presidents of the Republic to the United Kingdom where she interpreted HM Queen Elizabeth II on three occasions. Other opportunities include state visits to Spain, interpreting for King Juan Carlos and state visits to the United States of American, including President Mattarella’s last visit in October 2019.

She has acquired a solid experience in interpretation jobs have been carried out in medical settings, translating to and from Italian, English and Spanish. She has been on the interpretation team of the conferences organized by the Vatican’s Pastoral for Health Care Workers since 2002. Contracted interpreter for medical training and auditing seminars organized by Pfizer Health Solutions Inc, in Lecce (Italy), for Project Leonardo.

Has been teaching translation/interpretation since the 80s in Scuola Superiore per Traduttori e Interpreti in Rome, Università di Lecce (now Salento), Libera Università San Pio V in Rome and, ESP at Libera Università Mediterranea Jean Monnet (Bari, Italy).

Her research interests currently focus on Community Interpreting and the professionalization of public service interpreters, with a special focus on medical settings. As an interpreter trainer she is currently organizing e-learning programs for the specialization and professionalization of liaison interpreters. Her research interests include also translating political and diplomatic discourse, and journalese.

She is Vice President of, a humanitarian project whereby volunteer professionals translate the medical documentation of less advantaged ill children. Within T4C medical humanitarian project she is also Professional Development Coordinator.

Participated in several conferences in Italy and abroad with presentations on Interpreting Studies, the latest being the Interpret America Summit (Reston, Va.) in June 2013, and the Critical Link 7 Intl Conference (Toronto, Canada –June 2013) where she presented a poster on the medical humanitarian project. She was interviewed by Voices for Health Academy on the above mentioned project. Participation, as a speaker, in all other Critical Link Conferences consolidated her focus on the professionalization of public service interpreters.

Her publications include translations, among which worthy of mention are: I Racconti del Tempo del Sogno, Besa Editore, Nardò 2003; Stage Jewels di S. Papi, Electa Mondadori, 2004; Trust in Market Relationships, Sandro Castaldo, Edward Elgar Pub., 2007

Translation and Interpreting Studies work, among which: L’interpretariato: antica o nuova professione? UNILE 1,2003; L’annotazione grafica nell’interpretazione consecutiva, in IL VERBO, M.R.Buri, G. Tamburello, I. Tempesta eds.,Congedo, Galatina,2003; La Traduzione Multimediale, in G. Gallo, P. Scoletta eds. LA TRADUZIONE: un panorama interdisciplinare, Besa Editrice, Nardò, 2004; The Critical Link: reflections of a conference interpreter/interpreter trainer on the 4th Critical Link Conference “COMMUNICATE”, 2004,; The State of the Art of Police Interpreting in a Border Area of the European Union:The Case of Lecce and Brindisi, in Valero Garcés, C. (ed) Translation as Mediation… Publicaciones de la Universidad de Alcalà, Alcalà de Henares, 2005; Dictionary of Diplomacy and International Relations in QUADERNI, ISUFI, Università degli Studi di Lecce, Argo 2005, Lecce; La comunicazione interculturale e il ruolo dell’interprete per i servizi pubblici, Manni, San Cesareo (Lecce, Italy), 2012.

Enjoys dancing, sailing, reading, traveling, and practicing Chi Kung and Tai Chi.